Looking for Mr Percival

Not sure I’ve ever called a pelican, a pelican. That’s because I read Colin Thiele’s book, Storm Boy, when I was a kid. Whenever I see one of these beautiful big birds swirling about overhead, I notice the physical feeling that comes with it. A kind of slowing down. Nothing major – I’m not a complete fruit cake – but it feels pleasant to see Mr Percival up there gliding on the warm draughts.

Storm Boy was set on the Coorong, a beautiful long strip of land and water that’s en-route from my mother-in-law’s place to my stepchildren. There are an astonishing and delightful number of Mr Percivals there. It’s where they hang out, breeding, and raising their downies (not that can you see the babies – it’s a sanctuary, not a sideshow).

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