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I’m Margaret Linley, a storyteller (and question-asker) from way back. I’ve performed  at The Moth in Melbourne, New York and Chicago. I’ve also participated in the inaugural Melbourne Moth Grand Slam. In addition, I’ve performed at other Moth-like story-telling events  in the US. I’ve come home from those experiences invigorated by the power of shared stories. I want to hang out at live storytelling events, hear stories, tell stories, be with people who love stories as much as I do. Here, then, is Big Word of Mouth with its story slams.

Big Word of Mouth story slams have travelled. There was a one-night only story slam in Guernsey. Maybe you’d like a Big Word of Mouth story slam in your neck of the woods. Let me know – I’ll be there.

Or perhaps you’d like a storytelling workshop or an improv and comedy workshop (I’ve just come back from Belfast Comedy Festival). Let me know.

But it’s more than that. Big Word of Mouth is also where I share my love for written stories, for travel, food, adventures, family.

You’ll also see some (just a tiny part) of the work I’ve done in my decade as a journalist and a decade as a weekly columnist.

Get in touch with me here – margaretlinley@gmail.com