Big Word of Mouth Story Slam

Here’s how Big Word of Mouth Story Slams work. A bunch of people get together and listen to some stories, told well, by people who have prepared them earlier. The stories are based on a theme. They’re true stories.

Live story-telling is just about the best and brightest thing you can possibly do on a school night (Big Word of Mouth doesn’t try to compete with your best mate’s housewarming, your sister’s wedding, or that new club opening, all of which are always saved for Saturday, the sparkliest going-out night).

Why is live story-telling the best and brightest thing? Well, because we become more human when we tell stories and listen to stories and be honest and vulnerable and funny and sad together.

It’s a wonderfully simple phenomenon which is sweeping the planet because we all benefit when we’ve listened and shared and been creative and brave and had fun.

There’s a playfulness to this live story-telling idea. And a quiet respectfulness. Add some vulnerability, a huge serving of authenticity, and we – those of us at the Big Word of Mouth event – find we are more alike than we are different.

We begin with a theme. You plan on being a story-teller or a story-listener. Or maybe you come along on the night, expecting to listen, and something is sparked in you and you want to share a story and you put your name in the hat along with those who have planned to tell a story. But mostly the story-tellers on the night have planned their story.

Stories are based on a theme (which you know ahead of time), are five minutes long, are true and have the story-teller at the heart of them. The story-teller is not an observer in the story, it is not about their sister or something that happened to a friend. The stories are told, not read.