all my friends are getting…(along to the Grand Slam)

Hey there, storylovers, will we be seeing you at Tuesday’s Big Word of Mouth?

It’s the Grand Slam, which means of course, a duelling feast of stories for your enjoyment. All with the theme, MIX.

And for Pants on Fire, we have Bob ‘Bongo’ Starkie of Skyhooks fame, and Stretch Kontelj zipping over from Guernsey, and moi.

If you’e thinking of staying in and washing your hair on Tuesday, I’d say DON’T. You won’t want to miss this Grand Slam. Not only will you have the chance to vote for the best storyteller in Geelong as our Story Slammers go story-duelling, but this will be the last Big Word of Mouth for a while. I am going to a shepherd’s hut in Cornwall away for a while and this here marvellous celebration of stories will be in hiatus.

At February’s event, you fab philanthropists put $168.50 in the jar and that’s gone to the Fistula Foundation where, according to the CEO, you are ‘changing lives’. On Tuesday, I will again shout pizzas for dinner and urge you to hoe into their cheesy carb-dense goodness and feel inspired to tip some of your hard-earned into the jar on the bar. Once again, it will be the Fistula Foundation that will be the beneficiary of your generosity.


Okay, head here and get your tickets. Invite a friend who hasn’t been before. And come along from 5.30 for a drink, some pizza, a good chat and then an evening of stories. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.

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