It’s on – sans Brad, sans Deadly Earnest

Big Word of Mouth is at The Geelong Club on Tuesday, October 9.

The theme is START.

Five storytellers will self-nominate to tell a true, five-minute story on the theme.

Three storytellers will try to convince you their pants are not on fire.

Come early and enjoy a cheap and cheerful meal in the bar, a glass of wine or beer and a catch-up with storylovers. Or not. Just make sure you’re there ready to go at 7.

Tickets are here for $12

Three Pants on Fire storytellers, I hear you ask.????


We have Allana Goldsworthy: former mayor, barrister and crazy brave adventurer  – that’s her on the motorbike traversing tiny countries I don’t even know how to pronounce.

We have Alli Sinclair: prolific author of such titles as Under the Spanish Stars, and Burning Fields. That’s her, guarding just a selection of her bounty of books.

We have Lewis Mulholland: screenwriter, film maker and improv comedian and just back from Hollywood in time for Big Word of Mouth.

Did I mention you can get tickets here ?



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