don’t START without me…

It’s got a bit tricky with our Big Word of Mouth venue no longer available for September’s event (a wake with 300 mourners is taking precedence over storytelling – and how can anyone argue with the untimeliness of death?) so I’ve made the decision to postpone our START themed storytelling until October.

So, for those of you who’ve purchased tickets, you’ll notice you’ve been refunded.

I’m sorry to do that, but it already seemed as though we had too many STARTers to go to our backup plan (remember when we used the Elephant one time?) and so we’ll just have a little hiatus (maybe catch up on a bit of Netflix next Tuesday night).

In the meantime, want to see a video the clever people at Peregrine made?

You’ll remember I went to Italy in June along with five other travellers – we were the ‘camera talent’ – and the great crew who were charming and fun and took care of everything and were amazingly talented with camera and video.

And, just to direct your viewing, can I ask you to notice the skort? I bought it in Long Beach in Cali (that’s what us skort-wearers call California) and then when Peregrine said, please come to Italy with us, and I said, sure why not?, it was obvious the skort was coming too. I cannot imagine like without the skort and urge you all to consider updating your summer wardrobe to include one or two.

The advantages to a skort, I hear you ask. Well, a little classier than a short perhaps, and way more appealing to those of us who love adventure and want to be ready to hang upside down from the monkey bars given half the opportunity.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the vid. I’m happy to tell you how great Peregrine was. And get a skort. Before summer.

See you for the October Big Word of Mouth, at the Geelong Club, on Tuesday, October 9.

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