New START for me and the tree

I can’t believe I’ve never noticed this tree before. Look at it; a great vast tangle of branches looking like an art nouveau dreamscape. It’s down on the waterfront, Geelong peeps, you might not have paid it any attention before either. Or maybe, I’m the dullard walking about with eyes and mind closed and you’ve been picnicking under this beauty since you were six.

I took this tonight when I was walking, with weights strapped to my legs for extra bang for my fitness buck. The bloke was at work at the time, and I sent him half a dozen different images I snapped on my phone, asking him to guess where I was. It took him a fair while before the penny dropped and he could name my location. Siri is far quicker.

Anyway, I am making an effort to START to notice my surroundings a little more. This tree is part of that START. I mean, you wouldn’t even know I was in Geelong. It feels like a Murray River pic to me.

Have you got a START story? Because there’s a great opportunity to share it. At September’s Big Word of Mouth. The 11th. The Geelong Club. Show at 7. Doors at 5.30pm. Tickets $12. Too much information??

Just go here

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