all kinds of fabulousness

I love being part of the generosity, the camaraderie and vulnerability and sheer delight in stories which happens in Big Word of Mouth. August’s story slam was amazing – so many great stories – we laughed, we cried.

Congrats to Petrina Dakin who won the Slam; thanks to the other Slammers; to the Fez Up bold and beautifuls; and to Pants on Fire-rs Sian Prior and Kathryn Ledson.

September… the theme is START.

So maybe START thinking if you have a story you might like to tell. Have you STARTed something and didn’t finish because the world flipped on its access and everything changed? Did you get a START when that person said this thing and the shock rearranged your life? Are you waiting for the START? How might things have been without that START?

Anyway, over to you. Grab your tickets, grab your friends, open your mind to the possibility of doing something different.

And remember, if you want to talk about your story, or your maybe story, I’m here for you. Call me 0433377281.

Tickets $12 (+bf) here




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