I am my own IT department

I’m the kind of person who – when things stop working – likes to let them have a rest. My laptop has been having a rest for a long time.

Such a very long time that I had to go and get a new one six months ago – just a cheap little plastic thing, all blue and jolly – and it became my go-to laptop.

I’ve taken it everywhere with me for that time and people often comment on the colour.

I should have taken shares in the company for the amount of times I’ve flagged its value-for-money virtues. I’ve paid more money for shoes, I’ve bragged, pleased that I was able to bide my time with my real computer (the one resting) while pretty much scooping up loose change to buy this substitute. I’ve forked out more money for a hair cut, more for a dinner out, I boast.

And it’s true. This blue belle was super cheap. Made cheaper by virtue of not coming in a proper box because someone had bought it before me and returned it almost immediately after deciding it was too slow, too childish, too clunky.

And it is, but we’ve got along just fine. Until yesterday. When it decided it needed a rest. So it’s gone for a lie down.

I dug out my real laptop; the one which has been resting for the longest time and I charged the battery and then a weird screen popped up and by some miracle I was able to access help and I took photos of the instructions so I didn’t have to memorise everything and then it began working again.

Just like that – six months off, six months having a little breather – and the old one’s back like new. I feel vindicated in my approach to technology and more than a little smug.

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