These rules are made for breaking


Wolverhampton. Just the sight of the word written on a bus, a ticket, a map, is enough to cause a physical reaction. It’s the same flicker you get when you spot your name in a long list of names. That zeroing in, the single-minded focus. Right, there I am, you think when you spot your name. Right there you are, you think when you see Wolverhampton.

I’ve been seeing you forever, Wolverhampton, the scene of my youthful fantasies. Noticing you. Knowing I was always going to visit. Because of Slade, because of Jimmy Lea in particular. Because at 12, I couldn’t envisage any other higher cause. 

But just what are the rules when it comes to this? What is nostalgic adventure and what is beyond the pale? Where is the line in the sand when it comes to digging and scratching and following loose ends to their conclusion? When is it okay to employ your journalistic skills in your private dramas? That doggedness that’s rewarded in a professional life could be just a teeny bit obsessive when applied to the personal. Right?

And why exactly are you doing this? How invested are you? Really, ‘fess us.

Can a teenage fan, now forty years older, knock on a door and say…what, exactly? Does a pop star, past his prime, open that door and have a lovely chat or does he look askance at the excitable woman on the step and wonder how long it will take for the police to arrive?

Come along to Big Word of Mouth on Tuesday when the theme RULES rules the night and where this crazy stalking madwoman spills the beans on her rule-bending and where five people from the audience will self-nominate to tell their RULES story and where there will be plenty of Pants on Fire.

Tickets $12 at

The show is at 7pm but the doors will be open at 5.30pm with a choice of this and that for $12 from the Club’s chef.

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