Howdy, Yarraville

Fancy a bit of live storytelling?

Got something you want to say?

You’ll have your chance on Wednesday, March 21, when an entire evening of fab storytelling gets underway.

Come to the Yarra Lounge (that’s where Big Word of Mouth was sitting and took this pic) on World Storytelling Day ( well, actually it’s the day after) and enjoy a bunch of stories. Told by people in the audience. It’s low-tech and lovely.

Plus, we have playwright Hannie Rayson and historian and Radio National presenter Michael Cathcart for Pants on Fire. One of them will be the liar, liar. It’s up to you to decide who’s telling the porkies.

All of the stories are on the broad theme ONE. One more, one less, one alone, one of, last one, first one. One against the world, one out on a limb, choosing one from many, the one that got away, that one time, the one hope.

Have a good look around this site to see how it works or ring Margaret on 0433377281 if you’ve got questions.

Tickets are $15 here

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