Sorry for your loss

That’s what we say, right? Someone tells us their dreadful news and we want to make it better for them but know we can’t, so all we can really do is limp out this platitude, sorry for your loss.

LOSS is the theme for the upcoming Big Word of Mouth. Tell us your LOSS story, something you might not have told anyone before, or maybe it’s a story you know only too well. It might be a death, that kind of loss, or it might be something else entirely. Perhaps loss of innocence, loss of direction, loss of control, loss of that best friend.

Remember a story has a beginning, a middle and an end. There are storytelling tips on this website or if you feel like a chat (need some Dutch courage, or any other sort for that matter) call me on 0433377281.

Tickets are still $12.

The show is on March 13, Tuesday.

The doors at the Geelong Club will be open from about 5.30pm. Come for dinner, drinks, a chat and a mingle. Show starts at 7pm and will be all done by 9.30pm.

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