Telling your story

Hey there story lovers, if you are thinking you’d like to hone a few skills in telling your story, get along to the Word for Word masterclass in memoir writing (hosted by moi) on Friday.

If you’ve been thinking that you would like to get up at one of the Big Word of Mouth story slams but you’ve just been holding back, because…well, you just have…then maybe you should also think about clearing your schedule for the three-hour workshop.

Then you’ll be ready to throw your name in the hat at the next Big Word of Mouth story slam on Tuesday, February 13.

Or maybe you don’t fancy the idea of that microphone being in your hand, but you really want to invest some time in polishing and practising and pondering and learning and listening and writing your own story, then this workshop is for you.

Friday’s “Finding the Funny in Memoir” is on at Queenscliff, 10am-1pm, at $50 or less. Book at

It’s all part of the Word for Word National  Non-Fiction Literary Festival.

Oh, and those two young girls dressed in regency curtains? I’m the one with the pudden bowl haircut and the TAA bag.

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