Lies and laughs

This’ll be the opposition team at The Great Debate on Saturday night, wandering about in the dark, their arguments barely illuminating a thing.

Will you be there? At the WORD FOR WORD FESTIVAL. Please come. See the affirmative team smash the ill-formed opinions of the negs apart.

Or is that a bit rough? I’m not sure of the protocol when it comes to attacking umm… the opposition, ur… the enemy… the other side.

So, The Great Debate is on November 18, 6-8pm, at The Dome. The topic is ‘fiction is just a fancy word for lying’. Like duh, of course it is. Angela Pippos is emceeing; there’s David Astle, Alicia Sometimes, Tracey Spicer, Tony Wilson and Andrew P Street. Tickets are $25 or less at

Have you got three hours on Friday? Have you got a burning ambition to share the stories of your life? Come and join me at a masterclass on writing memoir. Bring your laptop or pad and pencil, and let’s get writing. We’ll be finding the humour in stories and finding ways to structure what we have to say.

It’s part of the festival, and part of their satellite workshop series. I’ll be at the Uniting Church Hall in Queenscliff, Friday,17, 10am-1pm. It’s $42.50 or $50. Book at

I’m so proud of Geelong. Here we are, a great cultural beacon, radiating ideas and stories and art and this weekend’s WORD FOR WORD non-fiction literary festival.

It’s the biggest and the best non-fiction festival in the country. Yay us!


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