Snip, snap – a swimming pig

Just like the story of the gingerbread man really. You know, why don’t you climb up here on my snout, little gingerbread man? (cue sneaky foxy voice) and then…(cue snippy, snappy sound effects), the fox tips back his head and the gingerbread man falls into his mouth and it’s all over red rover.

Except substitute a pig and some kind of weird looking seagull and the story changes. It’s the pig. We’re used to the idea of a fox being a tad scurrilous, but a pig? A pig is cute, damn cute. Even before Magda and the gang brought us Babe, there was Wilbur, the spider-adoring pig who knew the value of a good friend.

Anyway, the reason for the pig dog-paddling (pig-paddling?) in the turquoise waters off an idyllic island is to let you know tickets are on sale for the next Big Word of Mouth Story Slam. The theme is ‘fish out of water’. We’ve all been there, done that. Right? Been the odd one out, feeling a bit at sea, wondering if you’re the only one who feels like you do, struggling a bit with the feeling of isolation, of difference.

Get your tickets and come along. Lewis Mulholland is the guest MC, fresh from a bit of London standup. Click on the calendar on the side here on this website.

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