I didn’t even know I had a hunger for lamb until I saw this little fella in his stripey jumper in the main street of Quorn.

Oh could I, could I, oh please, was out of my mouth without a thought, my arms stretched out, twitching in anticipation.

The little lamb’s people handed him over, happy to go and get a coffee while I sat outside the cafe and filled up on lamb love.

As a teenager living on a few acres, I poured a lot of adolescent angst into the furry ear of one lamb or another. To hold this boy and be able to talk into his ear felt like a gift from another time.

There’ll be plenty of ‘hunger’ stories for us to get our teeth into at the July 11 Big Word of Mouth and you can get your tickets right here. 

Keep in mind that it’s the Grand Slam so all storytellers have already earned their place on stage by winning a story slam (plus one wild card).

And if you’re thinking, Quorn? Where is Quorn? Let me tell you – a fab little town at the north of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. About 1000 people live there now; and there’s a real sense of renewal and progression and grooviness with young people moving into town and opening up shop. During WWII a million troops passed through en route to Darwin and then beyond. Fifty trains of troops a day – a day! For five years, not a single soldier passed through this little town without getting a cup of tea and something to eat, prepared and served by volunteers, the women of Quorn. Kinda brings a lump to your throat, hey!

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