Helmet Head

You: Hey, I saw you last week, out walking.

Me: Oh yeah?

You: Yeah. How come you were wearing a bike helmet? And a high-vis vest? When you’re walking?

Me: (scanning memory) Bike helmet, high-vis?

You: (an element of scorn here) Helmet, high-vis and walking.

Me: Nup, not me.

You: It was. (provides time and place).

Me (further scanning of memory). Well, that was me. But I wasn’t…

You: You were. A black helmet, and bright orange high-vi….

Me: (ping…that sound is the penny dropping) That was not a helmet. It was a hat, a wintery hat (see photo of me not wearing a helmet, but looking like I might be). Because it was cold. And it was an orange shirt. With a dark blue vest on top, you know the sort Kathmandu make out of recycled milk bottles.

You: Well it looked like a hel…

Me: (pointing) Oh, is that something shiny over there?

You: (looking) Where? What? (forgets about bagging out my dress sense).

Me: (darts home to get new friends or new wardrobe).

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