A Nice Drop of Red

Easy enough to open the bottle and slosh it out in the glass and swirl it about and put your nose to it and take it in your mouth and work it around, savouring it, deciding it’s all really rather nice and then….it’s repeat, repeat, repeat.

But how to actually make the stuff?

I headed out to Curlewis Winery on The Bellarine and rolled up my sleeves and got involved.

Just as an aside, you do know Lonely Planet nominated this little peninsula within spitting distance of Geelong as one of its top ten must see destinations for 2017? Impressive, hey!

Steve Marasco and Leesa Freyer are the good folk at Curlewis who have been producing award-winning wines on a little under three hectares for the past six years.

Their wine is open-fermented using wild yeast and is a very labour-intensive operation.

I’ve made a little story thingy about it on the app ‘article’ with a few pics and a bit of video showing how it’s down.  Here’s the link  click here

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