Taking to the streets

So Geelong After Dark was a blast. The entire town – all 245,000 of us (surely, I’m not overstating this) – headed out and explored.

Here is Big Word of Mouth in it’s storytelling glory, just outside Coffee Cartel, across the road from Beav’s.

I know, it looks like someone’s lounge room doesn’t it? It looks like my house. That’s because I gathered as much stuff from home – that would fit in the back of the car – to create a cosy little living room on the street.

Then it was a contest between two fab storytellers to see who could pass their story off as the truth. One was telling the truth, one had their Pants on Fire. It was tricky to figure who was the liar, liar.

Could it be prolific children’s author Margaret Clark with her tale of the storm which cut the power to her childhood farm and allowed Slug (he of the almost constant hawking) to slip into the yard and steal her brother’s bike? Or was it advertising creative and script writer Lewis Mulholland with his story about being robbed – in English, no less – he would have preferred to be relieved of his map and money with Spanish, given he was in Ecuador?

So the crowd interrogated and considered, in true Pants on Fire style, until they voted. Hands folded for Margaret, hands on head for Lewis. It was a pretty even split.

And who was the liar?

No, not the Gen Y-er with his fanciful tale of South American derring-doing, but instead it was the grandma with the kindly face who was the porky-teller.

Big thanks to the City of Greater Geelong and Diversitat for hosting such an event. Big thanks to all of you who stopped and enjoyed Big Word of Mouth and big thanks to Charlie (pictured with the accordion) and Lexie who filled the roles of time keepers.

Also big thanks to Margaret Clark and Lewis Mulholland.

Don’t forget, if you can’t live without some storytelling fun, head to Big Word of Mouth’s story slam on May 9. Eight storytellers include Mike ‘Up There Cazaly’ Brady, Amanda ‘Essential Theatre’ LaBonte and Adam ‘Who’s Been Sleeping in My House?’ Ford.

Tickets are $12 (plus booking fee) at bigwordofmouth.com or search on eventbrite.

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