Listen up, there’s rules

Rules? Yessiree, of course there’s rules. There’s always rules. But they’re pretty straightforward. Okay, so there is a broad theme and we’re happy for you to interpret it as you like but we sure don’t want to be thinking, great story but what’s the connection to the theme? The story needs to be true and it needs you at the centre. This is not the time to tell us about that summer when your sister nearly got taken by a shark. We want you to share your story with us. It’s also not the time to give us your rant on whatever the heck has got your goat right about now. And no, it’s not stand-up, so don’t think we want you to test your new set on us, hilarious though it no doubt is. And you have five minutes to tell us that story. Okay, so we give you a minute’s grace after the five-minute bell has rung, but really, do aim for five. That’s about it, as far as rules go.

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